Friday, March 8th, 2024

The U21 netball team aims to qualify for the World Cup during the upcoming qualifiers in South Africa, while Chongo Mulenga and Ogar Siamupangila advance in the All Africa Games badminton competition. Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu orders Levy Mwanawasa Stadium management to prohibit fans from bringing bottles into international matches due to hooliganism. Christopher Malunga expresses concern over the lack of active boxers in regions outside of Lusaka. Dr. Aubrey Chibumba, Director of CEDORA, accuses PAZ of pushing for a ban on soya bean meal and cake exports. Zambia celebrates International Women's Day, highlighting achievements and challenges for women. Activist Rueben Lifuka believes the UPND government's re-election in 2026 will depend on their performance during their first five years in office. The ZMA urges the government to allocate a budget for cholera volunteers. The US will construct a temporary port in Gaza to increase humanitarian aid. President Joe Biden delivered a fiery State of the Union address, criticizing his predecessor Donald Trump on various issues.

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