Monday, April 8th, 2024

In this episode, Charles Milupi of the UPND Alliance doubts Fred M'membe's ability to fulfill his promise to make Western Province Barotseland, while Paul Kabuswe emphasizes the importance of discussing the past and addressing food insecurity. Reuben Lifuka urges the Zambian government to implement the Access to Information law more quickly, and Archbishop Alick Banda stresses the need for hard work to address economic challenges. Jean Kapata discusses the Mukula trade, and Fr Chewe Mukosa remains undeterred by a police summon, urging the government to fulfill its promises. The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency acknowledges a high level of drug pilferage, and Ngosa Mulenga Simachela announces her candidacy for the LAZ presidency. The Zambian government lauds partners for facilitating modern agriculture services, and Zimbabwe introduces a new gold-backed currency to stabilize its economy. Israel's military reduces its number of soldiers in southern Gaza, and the US airline regulators investigate a Boeing 737-800 incident. The Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General urges Prison Leopards to avoid relegation, and Jurgen Klopp warns Manchester United that they will lose to Arsenal if they play like they did against Liverpool.

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