Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

**Episode 240**In today's episode, Ayanda discusses three news items. First, a 16-year-old boy has been charged with murder after allegedly hitting a security guard with a car, who later died. The court is considering granting bail to the teenager, but only after it is determined that he will be safe if released, due to concerns about potential attacks from the deceased's relatives. Second, four people, including a maid and a nutrition administrator, have been sentenced to five years in prison for stealing a baby at the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH). The magistrate stated that the punishment was necessary because some expectant mothers are now afraid of giving birth in hospitals due to fear of their babies being stolen. Lastly, Yango, an international tech company, continues to enhance security features on its platform and has expanded its operations to Solwezi. The company is committed to providing a secure and reliable ride-hailing experience for all users, and has introduced new measures such as rider selfie and driver training programs.

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